9 thoughts on “Expression of interest for Partnership 2016-2018”

  1. Gorret Baliddawa

    “Blessed Echoes Children Alliance” ( BECA – UGANDA )

    We are very much excited to join ICC if given the opportunity as our organisation deals with the rights of children and women especially making sure that the girl child has access to a better education. We will be more that grateful if our application for membership is accepted. We can be reached at ( gbaliddawa@yahoo.com or henry.baliddawa@gmail.com )

  2. Despite commitments to international statutes as the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child(UNCRC) that Uganda ratified in 1989, the enactment of domestic laws such as the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (1995) Article 24, the domestic violence Act (2010) among others; Violence Against Children is increasing. Therefore, through this partnership with ICC, Hear International (HI) intends to create a Violence-Free Environment for Children in the Schools and Community.

  3. I would like to appreciate ICC for the funding opportunity,the partnership has boosted our financial base and given us opportunity to move to the highest level,The support has been incredible and available right at the time the organization needed it most.
    Children Of Africa -Uganda is grateful.

  4. I appreciate and have a strong feeling of being into partnership with International Consortium for Children. This is because our organization is focusing its work mainly on children, women and the youth. So being a member will be a very good platform for us to increase on the quality and comprehensiveness of our work for the children in the post conflict rural areas and get access to success stroies and share good practices with other organization.

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